Award winner Ricky Dandel at Cavan Int. Song Contest 1996 Ricky Cavan 1996 Live Performance at the Pamukkale Int. Fest, 1995 Ricky and Elvin at Pamukkale Int. Fest, 95
Ricky as host of the Golden Orpheus 1994 Ricky at Malta TV Contest 2000 Ricky at the Benelux Int. Festival 1998 Ricky in action - Callatis Int. Fest. 2000
Finnland Festival Ricky with 50th TVR's prize, Brasov, 2006 Ricky Live at TVR 50 Brasov 2006 Ricky live at TVR 50-Show Brasov, August 2006
Ricky Dandel-Host of The Golden Orpheus Int. Fest 1993 Ricky -Presenter of the Golden Orpheus 1993 Ricky-Presenter of The Golden Stag, 1993 Show at the Golden Orpheus Int. Festival 1993
Guest star at Callatis 2000 Ricky-Presenter of The Golden Stag, 1993 Ricky Dandel hosting the Pamukkale Int. Festival TV-Show at the Pamukkale Int. Festival 1996
Ricky & Bianca Brad at The Golden Stag 1993 Ricky Dandel and Chris Norman at Callatis Int. Fest 2000 Ricky Dandel-Host of Callatis Int. Fest Ricky at The Golden Orpheus 1993
Ricky Deutsche Schlagerparade 1991 live Ricky at TVR 50 Show 2006