Ricky and Elvin

Ricky und Elvin 1989 first live gig Ricky and Elvin first live gig 1989 Elvin 1989 first live gig Hermstdt. Theatre  
Elvin Suceava Classic Music-Contest 1989 Elvin am Piano Theater Hermannstadt 1989 Elvin bei "Jugend musiziert" 1993  
Ricky und Elvin TVR Studio 94 Elvin TVR-Studio 1994    
Elvin am Klavier Musikschule 95 Elvin Musikschule Klavier 1995    
Ricky Dandel & Elvin in Lahti, Finland 1995 Finnland Festival    
Elvin and Ricky Dandel at Pamukkale 1995 Ricky & Elvin at Pamukkale Festival 1995    
Ricky and Elvin Dandel at a radio interview in Lahti, Finlan Mamaia